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    New Globe Platinum 3799 Application


      Can someone from Globe help me follow-up my application for a new line. I applied last January 6 thru the Platinum Hotline since I am applying for a Platinum 3799. Since then I have not received any calls to let me know the status of my application. I am badly in need of a globe line since I am terminating my smart infinity postpaid line this coming Wednesday. I have been calling the platinum hotline to inquire about the status of my application but no one among the CSRs can clearly give an answer instead they keep on giving me reference numbers in four different occasions, that includes the original reference number during my application on the platinum hotline on January 6, 2015 that is reference number 72642743. I know and feel that I can do more with Globe that is why I am transferring from Smart Infinity to Globe Platinum. However, I have not received any calls yet from the Platinum group if my submitted documentary requirements are enough with the existing standard requirements for globe platinum subscription otherwise I will be retaining my contract with the Infinity. Thanks very much. Any reply from Globe personnel is highly highly appreciated.