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    How to Load the Tattoo LTE mobile WiFi ???


      Hello Globe,


      Maybe you also get a customer service executive manager read my questions and answer them?

      I really like to know why you design complicated processes instead of lean ones :-)



      Yesterday I bought the Tattoo LTE mobile Wifi (yes the 42mbp/s version) at SM Mall Cebu with 1000 Load.
      Today I install the gadget and want to load the 1000 for using LTE995.


      So I think it's easy as with my Smart PlugIt - but I was prooved wrong by Globe !

      In the booklet that comes with the Tattoo there's only the "Dial 223" process - BUT my Tattoo is no cellphone !
      I have a SMS feature in the Tattoo managment console - but no explanation on how to send the Load from the Callingcard using that way !
      Hmm, does any of your process designers used one of the products themself before ???


      So maybe you can tell me what I need to send and dial in the PC managment console to get 1000 Load to my Tatoo without a cellphone !!


      But I'm not finished - because I also have a Globe LTE SIM in my iPhone 5S - so I think I just ShareALoad to the Tattoo.
      But your process designers again did never use their own products because
      - prepaid is limited to 150Peso per transaction - so 1000 isn't possible

      - I have to send 7 txt messages instead of 1 - costing 6 Peso that is not necessary !
         So I wonder which of your managers get rich with all that money ?
      - But I would be happy if I could send 7 txt but again - your process designers never used their own products !

      - I get the message "Sorry. You have exceeded the load sharing daily max count limit of 5. Pls try again tomorrow."



      Sorry if I am now pissed off - because I really don't know what you people think?
      Have you ever loaded your gadgets yourself using prepaid and ShareALoad?
      Maybe here is a easier way - but why don't you print that in the booklet that comes with the product ?
      Or why don't you tell it somewhere on your Web site so that normal people can find it?


      And pls tell me how I get my 6 Peso back - because I have no understanding that I need to pay more than necessary just because GLOBE offers no way to load via the Tattoo managment console by txt messages !

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          Up! They seem to want everyone to buy a plan instead of using prepaid.

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              looks like the 223 option is locked out...


              I currently and have been for the past few months been using a prepaid Mifi LTE but attached the globe number to my bank of choice for something fast once i found a stable set up.


              I used to have a second phone for reloading large amounts once upon a time but have found others means since then and have not put amounts that large for internet access.


              google gotscombokea37 for some ideas.




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              Less than a week ago, i bought a MIFI GLOBE LTE POCKET WIFI worth 1,495. It said on the box that i have 5GB good for 7days upon activation. I already followed the instruction on how to claim and activate...unfortunately it turned out nothing. Now, how can i retrieve or rather enjoy that so called 5gb? Andbhow can i load up my MIFI wherein it is veing used as a simcard in pocket wifi? Do i have to always take it out in the pocket wifi and reinsert it again and again and again etc?

              Can anyone teach me how to activate and load this wifi?.. Right now i take out my other simcard to give way to this pocket wifi sim to be load up with globe regular promo...thus one of this day will distruct both my cp and pocket wifi for frequent on and off and taking in and taking out the simcards!