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    How to Load the Tattoo LTE mobile WiFi ???


      Hello Globe,


      Maybe you also get a customer service executive manager read my questions and answer them?

      I really like to know why you design complicated processes instead of lean ones :-)



      Yesterday I bought the Tattoo LTE mobile Wifi (yes the 42mbp/s version) at SM Mall Cebu with 1000 Load.
      Today I install the gadget and want to load the 1000 for using LTE995.


      So I think it's easy as with my Smart PlugIt - but I was prooved wrong by Globe !

      In the booklet that comes with the Tattoo there's only the "Dial 223" process - BUT my Tattoo is no cellphone !
      I have a SMS feature in the Tattoo managment console - but no explanation on how to send the Load from the Callingcard using that way !
      Hmm, does any of your process designers used one of the products themself before ???


      So maybe you can tell me what I need to send and dial in the PC managment console to get 1000 Load to my Tatoo without a cellphone !!


      But I'm not finished - because I also have a Globe LTE SIM in my iPhone 5S - so I think I just ShareALoad to the Tattoo.
      But your process designers again did never use their own products because
      - prepaid is limited to 150Peso per transaction - so 1000 isn't possible

      - I have to send 7 txt messages instead of 1 - costing 6 Peso that is not necessary !
         So I wonder which of your managers get rich with all that money ?
      - But I would be happy if I could send 7 txt but again - your process designers never used their own products !

      - I get the message "Sorry. You have exceeded the load sharing daily max count limit of 5. Pls try again tomorrow."



      Sorry if I am now pissed off - because I really don't know what you people think?
      Have you ever loaded your gadgets yourself using prepaid and ShareALoad?
      Maybe here is a easier way - but why don't you print that in the booklet that comes with the product ?
      Or why don't you tell it somewhere on your Web site so that normal people can find it?


      And pls tell me how I get my 6 Peso back - because I have no understanding that I need to pay more than necessary just because GLOBE offers no way to load via the Tattoo managment console by txt messages !