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    Postpaid Application: BPO employee, two (2) years with the company




      Just need your help guys. I want to apply a postpaid plan to globe but like others I' am afraid because my application might be rejected.


      The last time that I checked w/ globe I'm not yet regular to my current company so they required me to present CC or to pay I think 7*MSF in advance or ask someone who is already a postpaid customer of globe to help me and apply it under that person's name.


      Now, after my long wait and still hoping to have postpaid plan of GLOBE, I heard that if you are already working w/ the BPO company for two (2) years you are no longer required to present CC and just follow and submit the regular requirements. How true is that?


      Thank you.




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          Hi Karen,


          if you are a


          BPO Call Center Employee with below managerial position and  with at least 2 years in the company or if you're on managerial level and up regardless of your tenure with the company, enrollment to auto-charge and advance MSF charged to credit card can be WAIVED when applying for Postpaid line.


          You will be needing the following for your application.

          • Proof of Identification (Valid ID like Government IDs)
          • Proof of Billing Address (Utility Bill like Water/Electric Bill)
          • Proof of Financial Capacity (Pay slip or COE)
          • Completely filled-out and signed Application Form (you can get a copy from any Globe Store)