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    Globe Residential Network Transformation CG-NAT 2017


      Fast forward to 2018, Globe CG-NAT has been fixed and connection latency has been fixed (in my case) since mid-2017.

      For customers under the AS4775 is not affected (maybe).

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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          Hi fmq


          for your

          Q1: upgrading of plan is allowed however since your upgrading for a premium Plan they may require you to submit additional document (financial statement) to support your request for upgrade and no additional fee will be charged for plan upgrading.


          Q2: Tattoo Platinum plans used fiber optic lines check out this url http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/planbuilder if your place are among the covered service areas.


          Q3: Globe ADSL is now implementing Carrier Grade NAT thats why you are getting a private IP instead of a public IP before.

          and because of these Globe wired line subs may experience High latency on online gaming, unreliable connection and you cannot do web hosting anymore except if you wish to apply for a Static IP and pay as add-on P700/month.


          Q4: I had no idea if the problem was caused by the Bayantel-Globe merger.


          Q5: Its toll-free   you can ask for adjustment if you are charge erroneously.

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