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    Slow and intermittent connection, planning to upgrade to Tattoo Platinum 10mbps or 20mbps.


      SInce December up to now January I'm experiencing a very slow and intermittent connection. Every time I surf to a website like Google it takes a long time to load and mostly it goes to the point that the browser will Timeout. I've done a couple of speed tests and even speedtest.net timeout and when it will start the test it shows that I'm getting 3.5 to 4.4 Mbps and I'm in a 1599 (5mbps plan) which is fair for me.

      I called your hotline (02)730-1000 a couple of times, and sent already 2 technicians (different dates) and still no solution with my problem.

      Here's my question(s).

      1st question:

      Would still I need to sign a contract and locked me up for 24 months if I'm going to upgrade for higher plans in Tattoo Platinum like 10mbps (3499) or 20mbps(3750)? I've been with globe since late 2009 and never moved to other ISP, I've just had my plan upgraded to 5mbps from 2mbps since before the month of June, I was called by a personnel thru the phone and said that I have a free 3 months of 5mbps blah blah blah and after 3 months I need to pay the monthly fees.

      2nd question:

      What type of lines/cable will Globe use if I'm going for an upgrade to 10mbps or 20mbps? Are Fibre Optic lines currently used by Globe? Or would they use the usual ADSL? Location: Davao City.

      3rd question:

      The shown WAN IP address is different than the Public IP that the website detected, usually before the month that slow downs of my connection starts, the router's WAN IP address matches the detected Public IP of a certain website like when you search in Google "What's My IP". The router gives me an IP range of 10.xxx.xxx.xxx mostly It should give me an IP with the prefixes of 112.xxx.xxx.xxx or 120.xxx.xxx.xxx or 180.xxx.xxx.xxx or 222.xxx.xxx.xxx and both WAN IP Address and Public IP Address should match, that's my observation. It seems a little strange for me.

      4th question:

      The last technician told me that the intermittent connection was caused by merging the systems of Globe Telecom and Bayantel. How true is that? I've read in a news online that Ayala Corporation pays the debts of Bayantel and buys it shares.


      5th clarification:

      I know it's kind of dumb to ask this but I need a clarification. Are all of your hotlines free of charge with my landline bundle plan 1599? Will it not cost me extra NDD charges. Cos' I called your hotline a couple of times now and I'm quite afraid of bill shock. And can someone give me the most updated and accurate NDD and IDD rates of Globe landlines.


      And if someone can answer all of my question I'm so very thanking you.


      P.S. I am so desperate to get the Tattoo Platinum Plans to get higher speeds and to avoid intermittent connection. My son was currently enrolled in an Online Distance Learning school. Most of his major subjects/activities were done online. Good thing we emailed the school and they considered our situation and they wouldn't penalize us recurring fees if school year won't be finished with in 10 months. My son should be finished before June the enrollment for basic school. Upgrading to higher plans is my last chance to get browsing even better because I'm expecting that higher plans isn't as congested as 1599 5mbps. Since Fibre plan with your competitor (you know who it is) isn't available in our subdivision.

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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          Hi fmq


          for your

          Q1: upgrading of plan is allowed however since your upgrading for a premium Plan they may require you to submit additional document (financial statement) to support your request for upgrade and no additional fee will be charged for plan upgrading.


          Q2: Tattoo Platinum plans used fiber optic lines check out this url http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/planbuilder if your place are among the covered service areas.


          Q3: Globe ADSL is now implementing Carrier Grade NAT thats why you are getting a private IP instead of a public IP before.

          and because of these Globe wired line subs may experience High latency on online gaming, unreliable connection and you cannot do web hosting anymore except if you wish to apply for a Static IP and pay as add-on P700/month.


          Q4: I had no idea if the problem was caused by the Bayantel-Globe merger.


          Q5: Its toll-free   you can ask for adjustment if you are charge erroneously.

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              So does this mean that I can upgrade to Tattoo Platinum 10mbps or 20mbps without locking me up for 24 months? I can revert back to my original plan which is 1599 5 Mbps right after my son finishes his studies online without paying termination fees.


              WIll Globe remove it's implementation of Carrier Grade NAT or will stay forever? Does the Tattoo Platinum plans affected to this implementation thing.


              During the past weeks I've called Globe's Hotline and also ask if how much is the static ip and she said that it costs 779 pesos. I've been browsing to this Globe Forum for an hour now and also referring to other forums of people as well who applies for static IP and they said that it costs 699 pesos added on top of their bill. What is the newest pricing for Static IP?


              Uuhmm last questions! Why does Globe starts implementing this if it would affect they're subscribers negatively? Who would benefit this thing? ISP or customer. What would happen to their system if they won't implement this? If switching to Carrier Grade NAT is temporary just don't answer my questions about Carrier Grade NAT but if this would be forever please give me a good answer.

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                  Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

                  You will still be subjected to 12-24 months lockup depending on the type of plan and devices (if any) you availed, while downgrading of plan within lockup are not possible and is subject to pre-termination fee.


                  As for the implementation of carrier grade NAT , a lot of online gamers i knew were dissatisfied and they opted to switch ISP, #wonderful isn't it?

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                      Does all residential plans affected to this CGN? Including Tattoo Platinum 10mbps or 20mbps plans.

                      Does getting static IP resolve this intermittent connection?


                      By the way we called Globe's hotline and again I was given a date on when the technicians will visit into my house to analyze the problem. I've also ask about this CGN implementation thing and I think she don't know about this yet or I guess I'm just unlucky that I've been connected to an uninformed CSR. She told me that it might be the weather. Though she recommended me that I should get a WiMAX or an LTE plan but I'm still in a doubt because these are wireless internet connection this aren't reliable as the direct subscriber line. Signal disruptions could occur in different reasons. It's just fine for the LTE if the promised speed is up to 42mbps but not.