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    Is there a network issue here in Trece Martires Cavite?


      Is there a network issue here in Trece Martires Cavite? Last Dec 2014, we called Customer care para ireklamo ang problem about the connection w/c is very slow. The technician saw that the IP address is dynamic so binalik niya sa Static. After an hour, we started to experience intermittent connection the whole day. From there we ask again to create a JO, the technician didn't do anything but told us na ang problem daw ay sa globe mismo. So the JO was closed. Same issue, we called the customer care and ask a JO. The technician tried to change the adaptor and told us that it was the main reason. After they left, the issue was not solved. So we called again the customer care and created a JO. The technician went here the other day, and still they didn't do anything. I told them that i will not allow them to close the JO coz the issue is not yet solved, but then they still closed the JO w/o the confirmation from the me. They told us that we are under subscribe. I don't know what is their basis with their findings coz pag open palang ng modem sa umaga, after half an hour or less, intermittent na. And this always happens the whole day from morning till night may gumagamit man o wala sa mga PC namin. Until today we are still experiencing this. If there is really a network issue, sana naman magsasabi ang GLOBE sa mga subscribers para aware kame. I hope this issue will be resolved ASAP.