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    Does Globe Understand what loyalty is?


      I Phoned globe to arrange my Upgrade and was told "sorry the unit you wish to avail is only available to new customers" I said but I'm a loyal customer wanting to continue my service why should only new customers be allowed the phone I want? to which the assistant failed to answer, I requested she ascertain the information from her manager or anyone who could answer a simple question as to why Globe doesn't care about their existing customers and only wants to serve new customers to which she only answered "we only deal with re-contracting not new customers" this obviously failed to answer my question so I can only assume my answer that GLOBE HAS NO LOYALTY, GLOBE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND LOYALTY, GLOBE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT EXISTING CUSTOMERS.


      If there is a globe employee here that can answer me why does Globe offer a unit to new customers but not existing? why does Globe prioritize new customers over loyal ones?


      Note: reference of my call: 66289870