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      hi good day! i want to contest my issue regarding the charges made in my account with account number 78770981 bill #25. This JanicA itself. As you can see in my bill that i called the Loyalty department (a non-toll free number) to follow up my recontracting that will supposedly renew last Dec. 14, 2014. Let me start at the beginning of this hilarious bill charges. I called the Roaming Hotline number (+632-730-1212) to ask how to renew a contract and how can i avail a promo or loyalty freebies etc. They supplied me general answers regarding my query because the agent i was talking to that time said they are not the department that handle such cases it was the Loyalty dept., instead HE supplied me the contact number of Loyalty and instructed me to just call them. The number he gave me is +632-730-1300. Then i asked him if this is a toll-free number! He said, “YES!" i repeatedly asked it just to confirm and assure that this is really a toll-free number. He answered, "Yes ma’am!”. “Okay" i said, believing on your agent’s knowledge on what he’s doing. And besides i’m not pathetic to call a non-toll free number just to raise my request for renewal. So, immediately i called Loyalty dept. fully unaware that i was charging per minute of my call in one of your department, so I addressed my request for recontracting and choice of phones. I also stated there that i want a downgrade because i didn’t feel that i worth paying the plan. I am paying every month 999 or more just to make my line open and i don’t want to use it for calling and texting because i am aware that doing so will cost me a huge bill. Anyhow, i received 2 calls from globe reminding me of the present bill around 23k! So, i was confused with that and said "i just already paid like few weeks ago.” so she said, “ok mam. disregard this call and we will waive this call.” because i know that if i receive calls it will be charged on me. So, that time i felt easy breezy because i know that there is nothing to worry about. And then i received again a call from globe same thing again. So, i wonder what was that all about. The third call i wasn’t able to pick up because i know it is globe again and it will be charge again to me. After that, few weeks later i received my bill! and i am literally bill shocked! stating more than 23K pesos bill!! i kept my self up and begun to study the statement bill. There was landline numbers! At first i didn’t recognized the number! Stated there i called the same number many times, also stated there 45mins or more of conversation. I was like who the heck is this number! i thought my line was hacked or someone using it unknowingly. I immediately called the loyalty department number. Still unaware that it is non-toll free number! and addressed my #25 bill. And from there we found out that the one i was calling is the loyalty number! and also the received calls from globe was charged! Why globe?! who wants to receive a non-sense call reminding of your bill and got you charged because of that calls made by your agents! So, we immediately dropped the call and she said to call the toll free number to continue the conversation. So, i did. And the one who handled it made a report and gave me a reference # and said someone will call on the supplied number i gave on that report which is my mom! But my mom didn’t receive calls yet from globe.

      I felt like betrayed and mislead. I also feel this is unfair on my part as a good payer. As you can see in my usage history i barely use my line to make a call or received one even text i rarely use it at all. I always keep and possible maintain 999 per month charges, because i know it is not worth it. I’m also very eager to finish my contract ASAP. And now you will charge me 25K+ for MY LAST f*cking bill!! The last time i checked it is 25k+! and you also keep on bugging my father calling him and asking him to pay the amount! My father is fully unaware of this and he was not involved in this matter! pls stop calling him because he has a heart disease!! and also my line was cut just in time i was about to have my vacation just when i needed it the most. Great timing huh. With this i want to waive all the unnecessary charges the calls in loyalty and also the received calls! also i want to cut my line i will not renew anymore. i will only pay the plan 999 for the month of december 2014. I will not pay for a service that i didn’t use. I know what i’m paying and i know my rights! i been following up this ref # but no one can supply me a good feedback. ref # 64832485. i want to receive a positive feedback before i head up to your office on my vacation. Instead of enjoying my vacation i am fixing this mess! I am sad with the service.. i’m expecting a lot from you. hoping for the best response with this. This time i want a credible and highly trained agent to handle this case. Thank you!