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    Why can't I reconnect my account?


      My phone together with my postpaid sim-card got stolen last year. I had it temporarily disconnected for a month but was not able to apply for reconnection immediately (because I thought at the time the service will be resumed automatically after a specific period, a month, right?) . I was not able to pay my bills for 5 months because my work required me to be assigned to a remote area with no banks, ATMs and payment centers. So last December when I got back in Metro Manila, I paid my overdue bills and got a replacement for my sim-card of the same postpaid account and number, of course. But when I tried or applied for activation of the sim-card it just would not connect to the service. My phone is not showing any signal or connection.


      I talked to Globe service center personnel (and to their hotline call center agents) and was informed that my account cannot be resumed at the time due to system error (really?). The Globe people whom I talked to told me that a report has been made and was escalated to be resolved quickly and asked that I needed to wait 24 to 48 hours before my account can be resumed. I has been a month since I made my first request for account or service reconnection and up til now I cannot use the service. I have called their hotline several times, went to the store several times, in a span of 1 month, same response, same solutions I was offered, same result.


      Do you know why? How and why I cannot or they cannot resume my account. I know that I have overdue balances with Globe but I have paid already in full before I requested for reconnection. Is my account permanently disconnected? How will I know? I have not received any form of notification from them if they did suspend or permanently disconnected my account.


      It is unfair----I am paying for services that I cannot use. Feels like I am being banned. hehe.


      looking forward to your responses. Thank you.