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      Hello, po may request po sana ako, kung maaaring po sana na may separate plan for bundle and internet only(DSL) for 3mbs or 5mbs, in case if ever there are consumer that they will not like to avail bundle because of they  may have an existing plan for unli calls or unli texts, or only purpose is to have a internet connection at home. I know that bundle can save more compare to internet only plan but not all consumer may like it. This request have been formulated because I want to upgrade may existing internet only plan 1mbs to 3 mbs but i cannot find any internet only plan for 3mbs in Globe, what I found is the bundle 1299 is expensive to my part because I don't want to have a landlines and also i have an existing plan for my load. My only purpose is to have a better internet connection. And I found out that their are some internet providers that provide 3mbs connection for 999 monthly, it gives me a dilemma whether to stay, wait for promos or to change. I want to stay with Globe tattoo DSL because its serve  me well for the past 4 years despite that sometimes their connection is slow and lots of troubles but they act quickly. I hope you can give me a little time of yours to read my request. And sorry for wrong grammars in my request, because I'm not good in English. Salamat! ^_^