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    No Service No Signal, Old SIM Card


      Ive been using my sim card for a very long time and suddenly the signal stopped and no service was available. Ive been using this sim for a very long time and the number is important to me for a lot of reasons. Tried everything from switching the SIM from one phone to another,tried cleaning the sim with clean cloth and everything, with no luck. I went to a globe service center and said it was possible to replace the sim card and retain the old number the problem is they don't have any stock for the type of SIM I have they gave me this number for the type of sim card I have. It's HLR 0213. I went to another globe service center and same problem, they don't have the stock. I been to 3 branches of globe service center, Starmall bulacan, SM fairview branch, Fairview terraces branch,  all of them said the same thing. They don't have any stock and they don't know when the stock will become available. Can anyone help? Thanks!