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    Tattoo LTE 1299 X Billing


      Hi Globe Community,


      I wanted to ask directly to you because some of the Globe agents confuses me.


      I was asking about how my billing works every end of the month.


      My plan is a Tattoo LTE 1299 X Mobile Pocket WiFI, I am supposed to pay 1299Php Every month but the plan indicates 5GB capacity.


      This month I have exceeded my 5GB capacity because this plan is just new, upon getting this plan the agent told me that I needed to pay 1299 for the 1st month advance. but I always check my globe account to monitor because it is very confusing some agents told me that every MB that I will exceed has a certain amount to be paid I think its 5Php.


      Well what bothers me is that I have asked an agent from Globe using customer service and they told me that even if I exceed my 5GB allocation I will still be paying 1299 ONLY because it is unlimited surfing.


      My Globe account indicates negation to what the agents are telling me because on my account there is a 1900+ current balance and total amount due of 670.45 Php. I wish someone could explain this to me PROPERLY because I am really confuse if I will pay additional charges or I will only pay 1299Php each month even if I exceed the 5gb allocation.


      The use of my Internet is for FB (Which is supposed to be Free), Browsing and Streaming Videos from Youtube.


      Please help me understand my situation.