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    To downgrade, or disconnect? Need your opinion guys. TIA


      January 8, 2015 6:00PM >>> i called up and requested for an upgrade, because i decided to apply for a home-based online job. By that time i was currently subscribed to PLAN 1299 2Mbps broadband+landline. As confirmed, i was given a heads up that the upgrade of internet speed from 2Mbps to 5Mbps will take effect after 24 hours. Take note: My Desktop PC is directly connected thru LAN cable. I never switch off my modem/router.


      January 9, 2015 3:20PM >>> i called. I was expecting changes to the internet speed, though i knew that 24hours hasn't been completed at that moment, but i was told by the agent, that the internet speed has increased at exactly 12:45PM, and that i just need to monitor it by using speedtest.net.  And so, i came up with the impression that i thought i should wait instead til 6PM for any further changes.


      January 9, 2015 6:30PM >>> i called again. This time i've conducted several speedtests  already, but nothing changed. ive also done powercycling the modem/router for a minute, still at 2Mbps. And so, the agent created a Job Order scheduled on January 13, 2015 8am-1pm. I was soo pissed.


      January 13, 2015 3PM >>> i was out of town, but i received a text advising the repairs made. They say it was a network issue. But the people at home never told me anything about increases in speed or lags or whatever. So, I assumed that it will be fixed in the next 24hours or so.


      January 16, 2015 5PM >>> i got back, tried connecting to Wi-Fi using my smartphone, didnt even see any difference. for 10 times i did speedtests, and i was soo disappointed that after knowing that the repair had been executed on january 13, nothing happened at all.It wasn't fixed. So, i had to call again. Another Job Order scheduled on January 18, 2015 8am-1pm has been created.


      January 18, 2015 1PM >>> i was contacted by the technician, and he told my mom (coz i was away that time) that they have fixed the network issue. When i got back at 2PM i decided to call them. i made 3 speedtests, did a powercycle on the modem/router for a minute, conducted 3 speedtests (coz that was what's advised of me by the last rep). 3PM i spoke with an agent, reported the issue, and waited for the tech to call because the agent sees that Job Order's still open. And so the tech called. The tech working on the issue is very kind, and helpful. I knew he was doing something. At exactly 3:29PM, i got a speed of 4.27Mbps, which really made me happy. i repeated the test 5 times, still at that range so i thought everything will be consistent. I had to watch the People's Pope on TV that time so didnt use the internet for the next 3 hours after that. at 6PM i checked it again, it went down to 2.87 and 2.08Mbps. I had to call again. Another friggin Job Order created (January 21, 2015). I'm getting sick of this. I didn't even want to get myself stressed out with Globe's services. But this is totally ridiculous.



      So, do you guys think i should continue my subscription? or disconnect? or downgrade to 2Mbps to avoid being charged to this upgraded price of 1599? Need your opinion. Thanks in advance.