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    Do I still need to register to my combos?


      I just had my sim activated and I'm wondering, do I still need to register to the combos that I want or am I already registered/subscribed to the ones that I chose when I applied for my plan? I dont want to get charged extra so I'm making sure before I start texting and turning my data on.

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          Creating an account at accounts.globe.com.ph. Enroll your mobile number and verify it. Once verified, you can fully use the self-service options at the menu. 

          Dashboard - An overview/summary of your account.

          Plan Usage Meter - Tracker of your account balance, data usage, sms and call minutes tracker

          Data Usage - data tracker for GoSurf

          Bill Statement - PDF file of your account statements for the one year duration which you can easily view or download for your perusal. You can even print directly when you need a hard or printed copy.

          Change my plan - an option to change your combos. Changes should be made 5 days after your cut off date and 5 days before cut off date. If your cut off is every 17th, you can change it on 25th-11th of the next month. The change will take effect on the next billing cycle that is on the 18th. 
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            Hi. Combos availed are already activated upon activation. However, better call the hotline 211 first and know your cut-off date, bacause your first bill will be pro-rated, so as your Combos.


            It goes like this, your line gets activated on the 1st day, and your cutoff is 15th, means that your first cycle is only a half month, so the total combos you availed will only also be half. On the next month, say monthB 16 to monthC 15, you can enjoy the Full total combos you prefer.

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