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    Recontracting Form


      January 18, 2015


      Dear Globe,


      This refers to my pending recontracting application with reference number 64481100A.


      On Friday, January 16, 2015  I called 211 to apply for a new contract since my last contract ended last January 15, 2015. After confirming the details of my application, the agent explained that a Recontracting Form will be sent in my e-mail which I should fill out and submit to the courier when I receive the phone unit hopefully this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. Before the call ended, the agent already gave a reference number as early as Friday, January 16, 2014, as way to follow up my recontracting application.


      Last January 17, 2015, I followed up my application in the hotline because I did not receive any e-mail containing the recontracting form. I asked the agent to double check the e-mail I gave because I thought that maybe the agent whom I spoke with last Friday did not get it right. But I confirmed that the e-mail I gave was correct. So the agent said she will follow up my request to send the recontracting form in my e-mail. Again, that day ended without receiving any e-mail from Globe.


      May I ask is the recontracting form REALLY difficult and tedious to send in my e-mail? Is there anything I can do to my end to expedite the process?


      If there is none, may I ask for the third time (and hopefully the last), to send me the recontracting form in my e-mail?


      My e-mail is [email protected].


      I am hoping for your immediate and favorable action on the matter.


      Best regards,

      Atty. Don Q.