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    2 WEEKS until now NO UPDATE for my iphone 6 Postpaid Plan 1799.


      how many days does it take to approve my postpaid plan ? i applied this jan. but until now there is no UPDATE. Jan.8 and 9 Globe Manila called me but only a missed call. i tried to catch their calls but they were just did ring my phone within 2 secs only. I always go to Globe Rosales branch just to follow-up the status of my application.Globe Rosales always answers, "you need to wait for the call from Globe Manila for verification" Until now nothing called me. HOW LONG IS THE AVERAGE PROCESSING PERIOD FOR ME TO WAIT?? Somebody that i know, they just applied this Jan 16, and they immediately paid the 1799 plan for iphone 6. Isn't it unfair?? How i request could you please follow-up my application in your Head Office for me to know if it is approved or not.

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          Last Jan 6, 2015, I applied for a new Platinum Line through Platinum Hotline. Since then I did't here from any of the incompetent and inefficient Support Group (If they really exist). I made a follow almost everyday since the time of my application but to no avail. Instead they keep on giving me useless reference numbers in many different occassions. Amazingly, today, Jan 19, 2015, a Globe CSR called me while I am in a middle of a very important, life and death situation (literally) just to inform me that  they cannot process my platinum application due to my outstanding balance of 12 thousand  pesos since 2010!!! Imagine  my surprise that the life and death situation I was in was already a miniscule to the news of me having a debt with Globe! I said to the CSR: " Paano ako magkakaroon ng Balance since 2010 for the folowing reasons" (1) kung by that time until 2014, i was able to recontract with you twice, (2) 2010 to 2014 I was able to avail loyalty rewards like bill rebates and devices like iphone 4 and iphone 5 and blackberry, (3) three additional line applications were approved and (4) a globe tatoo DSL line was also approved. So paano ako magkakaroon ng outstanding balance kung lahat un na avail ko from 2010 to 2014? Diba di ka maapprubahan kung meron kang deliquency kahit sentimo lang? What saddened me talaga is ung CSR hindi nya masagot ung tanong ko kung bakit ganon nangyari. Naaaaapakalungkot! Dahil hindi na nya masagot he advised me to call 211 which I did. Ung CSR naman na sumonod, wala na naman maisagot na maganda for 1 and half hours kaming nagusap,or should I say put me on hold numerous times. Tsk tsk tsk talaga. Kaya sabi ko na lang, hayaan nyo na, icancel mo na ung application ko, by next month i terminate ko narin lahat ng active plan line ko sa globe. Anyways, I am a subscriber  of Smart Infinity where I am being treated in a most VIP way so I will stay with them than with globe na hindi ko alam kung bakit pabagsak ng pabagsak ang service and competency of the people in it. Sayang ang 15 years na samahan sa globe, no nice treatment for long and loyal subscribers. Kahina hinagpis talaga. Ung 12 thousand na sinasabi nilang balance ko, babayaran ko un kung masagot nilang mabuti kung saan nanggaling un and ma prove nilang ginamit ko talaga un which I doubt