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    Customer Retention?


      My wife, a globe customer for 4 years,  just went to renew her contract which expires Feb 1.  Per the website, she was instructed to renew 30 days prior to her expiration date. SM Rosales refused to renew or start the process until Feb 1 and then she was told that there will be a charge to renew her contract.  Is this your customer retention program, charging customers to renew their plans?

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          Since your wife only has few weeks of her original contract, you can process the re-contracting via the hotline. There are some Globe Business Center that does not process re-contracting. Although processing your recontract via the hotline may take sometime due to the overwhelming application for the new iPhone. The website is correct, to avail the early re-contract the account is either outside the lock-in period or the remaining lock-up period is 30 days or less Re-Contracting | Rewards | Help and Support.


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            Tama walang kwenta ang recontracting nila para ka lang new subscriber may bayad pa ang mga handset. That is why lilipat na ako sa kabila. Since napaka walang kwenta ng GLOBE RETENTION