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    HG630 username and password?


      So isn't it normal for the technician to leave a copy of paper with information like login to the router and internet login, seeing he have all that information on a piece of paper?

      The technician came setup the new modem, when I asked him for the password for the user interface, he answered it was password and left.

      The modem/router is HG630 and it is not on globes support page, BTW Globe please fix that page it is outdated and useless! all the modem is missing a complete guide.


      So I have tried to ask over the chat service but they are no help, so I hope there is more help here


      So I have tried different passwords mention in this form and no luck


      I wanted to do a reset of the modem, but if that don't set the modem back to user/user then I will be without internet until someone in globe gets home to me.


      Interface ip:

      MODEM: HG630

      Username: user

      Password: ?