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    Can't access my ROUTER PAGE


      I've been able to access my router (typing on the web browser) and change my settings and password but lately I cant anymore. Whenever I try to access it, it shows web page not available. My internet connection is fine but I cant be able to change my wifi password anymore. HELP PLEASE

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          first try to reboot your modem/router first (plug/unplug the power source).

          if you still can't access the modem/router. the IP of your modem could have been modified..


          I assume that you still have your username and password.

          below is one way of retrieving the IP address of your modem/router

          1) run the command prompt. (Start>Run then type CMD or command)

          2) type IPCONFIG on the command prompt.

          3) look for the Default Gateway from the result. in most cases the Default Gateway is your Modem/Router's IP address. copy the ip address to your web browser.


          if no Go, factory reset mo na.. ano model ng modem/router mo? para mabigay namin yong instruction kung pano..