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      I am a very unhappy subscriber! I have a postpaid account with you guys, you launched free Facebook and I was notified regarding that. I called  to check how it works. The representative told me to register my account first and so I did. After that, I then started to access free Facebook until my bill was generated. And yes! To my surprise, my bill was around PHP1,500 . My normal monthly recurring charge is only around PHP 500. I called back to check why my usage for Free Facebook was taken against my consumables. No one was able to answer me that, when I requested to adjust my bill the representative was very rude. I spoke with a couple of representatives who were not able to help me and keeps on disconnecting the calls. Until one representative was able to help me out and created a case requesting to adjust the bill. She told me that I will be notified regarding the status of the request within 48 hours. I waited and it has been 72 hours but no one ever called me regarding the case. I tried calling back and the  last representative that assisted me was very dominant during the conversation. She told me that she would adjust my bill but this would be the last adjustment. The same thing happened to my bestfriend and what they did was to block my bestfriend's data. How inconsiderate you people are! You never notified us that free facebook has already ended. Is this really your marketing strategy to charge your consumers? We might as well shop around to other carriers who offers load protect and who will gladly help us with the charges. I suggest you guys stop offering free Facebook and Viber when you won't really give it for free because it doesn't really make any sense!!!