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    Additional Line Application - No Feedback


      Last December 22 2014 I called the Globe hotline place an order for an additional line under my account. Hoping everything will be hassle-free. The same day i have sent in the requirements advised by the agent and received an auto-response acknowledgement informing me that documents were received. I have called ofr a follow up since I have not received any feedback for days. I have been hearing same spills of apologies, no notation from the support team on my request, case will be escalated to the highest management, someone will call for feedback within the day... But none of these was true. I have not received any feedback yet until now. I even resent all documents and contact numbers needed just to make sure there is no pending issues on my side. It is really frustrating, waiting and hoping that someone will call for feedback. Is this really the normal process? Is this how globe value their customers? Just incase someone can be of help, below are few of the reference numbers I was able to take note.

      71867049 December 22 2014 Order Number
      41177867 Escalated
      41179309 January 8 2015
      41181180 January 9 2015 Ray
      41181719 Vincent Bautista
      41182625 January 10 2015 Vannah
      41191788 January 15 2015 Julius
      41193310 January 17 2015 Ann
      66679083 January 19 2015 Shammie
      41199776 January 22 2015


      joshl GlennO