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    bill still not indicated under account


      Payed last Jan. 13, 2015 via the payment machine.

      14th-checked balance again, payment still not indicated, excess bill keeps on getting bigger.

      15th-checked again still not indicated, excess bill was now at Php300+, called hotline said to wait another 24hrs.

      16th-same thing. Called hotline again, asked for the OR# and made case.

      19th-called hotline regarding the same issue, advised to email talk2globe with a copy of the OR. Globe replied, they made a case and to wait for 3 days to process.

      TODAY (22nd)-no email, no updates, balance is now at Php4,600+. Stressed, freaking out, major inconvenience and losing patience.

      What do i need to do next?

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          You don't have to stress your self. Since you mentioned that you already made your payment at the Globe payment machine and you have the copy of the receipt. Just make sure to take note of the details of your receipt this is your proof that you have settled your bill and it is already not your fault if it does not reflect on Globe's records. I once had the same issue like yours, I just keep track of my bill receipts so any other bill or unnecessary charges on top of my MSF I can always dispute it for adjustment.

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            im sorry are you stating for the balance or the unbilled.. cause once a balance posted or created after the cut off , it would not increase unless if you havent pay and reaches again another cut off and bill period,.. i think you pointing out on the unbilled, this may be your running usage but it may unofficial because your account has to reach the cut off then your remaining consumables and freeibies will deducts on your running usage. though you may call 211 globe hiotline they can check your running usage details, whis it can be data charges, share a load etc