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    Is the Spotify activation link broken?


      I am unable to activate my premium subscription as it always give the same message whenever I input my activation code:


      "Subscribe to a GoSurf promo with free Spotify Premium or to the standalone Spotify Premium promo to enjoy all the music you want, even when you're offline.

      Already registered to GoSurf? Please come back later to activate your Spotify Premium."


      I used the link: spotify.globe.com.ph


      I tried using my phone and my laptop to activate my premium subscription but both give the same message.


      Anyone experiencing the same thing? Does it usually take days for premium to activate?


      I called the customer support and she confirmed that it my standalone spotify premium account is already active but the website is still giving me this message.


      I am a first time user, I hope that it is not like this everytime as I am a first time user of globe spotify. If this is always like this I will need to drop my subscription.