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    Sir and Maam, just want to ask regarding postpaid plan 1799.


      Hi all!


      I just need your answers if ever you experienced or know someone with the same case. )


      Here's the scenario:

      I went to Globe last January 20, 2015 and apply for Plan 1799 for Iphone 6 64gb. I submitted all the requirements that they ask and i think I'm qualified with the minimum salary requirement which is 15,000- above. Until now they didn't call for any update, so I went to there store again to follow up my application if it's approved or not. I asked the CSR if my application is approved and told me "yes sir, kaso wala pa po kaseng available na 64gb". I asked them kelan magkakaroon and they don't know.


      my questions:

      1. Talaga bang hindi nila ako tatawagan kung approved or not ung application ko dahil wala lang stock?

      2. (if ever na approved nga) saan ako pwede mag follow up ng stock ng 64gb kung mismong CSR hindi nila alam kung kelan?

      3. May reservation ba sa unit? and how long will it takes?


      Thanks for the answers!


      God bless