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    data usage of a 25 minute video call using skype.



      I just bought a globe tattoo mobile pocket wifi (Php1,495). A pre-paid user and planning to go postpaid. I used a supersurf promo (7 days) to test out if I can use this for calling skype 25 minutes per call as required for work.

      I have read about the FUP for prepaid users (limit of 800 mb a day)

      According to this page: Fair Use Policy | Data | Help and Support


      I'm a prepaid user, what can I do with 800 mb a day?

      "With this capacity, you can already send/receive 22,400 plain text emails, send/receive 2,720 emails with doument attachments, view 2,720 web pages, download 200 songs, upload/download 1,600 social media posts, view 272 minutes of streaming video or 4.5 hours of video conferencing with your loved ones abroad, and download one 90-minute movie."

      I'm assuming this is for skype. I just did a 25 minute call. I cleared my data usage history in my statistics page and video-called someone at exactly 5:30 pm Philippine time. I had the call for exactly 25 minutes. The connection was alright most especially at that time. I have nothing heavy opened except "google.com"in google chrome. No facebook nor anything downloading not even windows update or whatever running, to ensure my call goes perfectly well.

      But when I checked my statistics tab after the video call, I already used upto 350+mb. [Just for that one 25 minute call.]

      If this is the case, maybe I could only have about two 25 minute calls (so just 50 minutes.) If I make 3 calls, I would assume to get the message from globe indicating my high data usage.

      I would like some clarification about this as I'm also planning to be a postpaid user for this mobile pocket wifi but I'm having second thoughts after having tested this out. Thanks.