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      hi i'm new here i just wan to ask kung pwede ba magapply ang studyante sa mga postpaid planns?

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          Definitely... as long as:


          1. You are at least 18 years of age;

          2. You are able to prove who you claim to be (valid IDs);

          3. You can prove that yo can sustain the amount of your plan over the period you are applying for (proof of income or proof that you can pay the plan for a minimum period of time);

          4. You are able to prove that you have a valid address for billing purposes and/or sending of legal documents.

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            thank you for your interest!

            Globe offers no lock-in / line only plan where in you can apply/submit only a valid id/s


            for with handset which will lock you 24 months


            at least 18 of age,.. any one


            Proof of Valid ID

            Proof of Billing

            Proof of Financial Capacity which be under your name/applicant.


            Also for Guarantor Program,

            For further queries Sales Hotline 027301000 using globe land-line.

            Or visit at any any globe store nearest you.


            all Application subject for approval

            Hope this could help you.

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                tahks sa pag respond sa tanong ko. kailangan ba personal mgapply o pwede

                din online.?



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                    You can apply through the Globe Business Center or through online.


                    Just a tip... although we know that Globe means well in opening other channels for application, doing so through the Business Office or stores is still faster, more personal and easier to follow up. If the documents you will present are easily verifiable and valid then you may even have your application approved in a matter of minutes. Online is still cumbersome and you will find be able to do a search in this community as to the experience of other applicants including myself.