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    Modem reset. Can't connect to internet. How do i get the correct settings back?




      Yesterday we had no internet connection and the phone has no dial tone around 1pm. We assumed it was only our connection having an issue since there were times that the wifi and internet randomly disconnects, Restarting the modem always solves the problem. We tried restarting it a few times but there was still no connection. My housemate decided to reset the modem thinking it would fix the problem but to no avail. We later found out that there was a network issue in our area  (San Juan) when we contacted support via live chat and when my sister told us that they also have no internet at work (same area).

      The connection was back up this morning, The phone is working but our internet connection is having issues, we get redirected to this page: tattoo.globe.com.ph/tattoo-redirection/ whenever we try to browse. I called support and informed him that we already paid our bill a week ago. The agent assured me that I don't have to pay or request for any reconnection and it was still a network issue.


      It kind of felt weird to my housemate to call the issue a network issue so he did his own research and found out that the modem reset was the cause. He told me that "baka nagbago daw and username and password" so he opened the modem page. He told me that the PPP username was different from before. In a forum someone had the same problem and one user said to call globe and ask for the username and password. I called customer support twice and told them about the problem, I even told the whole story but they just keep telling me it is a network issue and I'll just keep on monitoring my connection from time to time.


      I'm kind of confused because I believe the problem now isn't the network because my neighbors have theirs back this morning, the problem is the modem having the wrong settings and I'm hoping tech support would give me the correct settings for my modem yet they just keep telling me it's a network issue and I should monitor my connection.


      I'm sorry for the long post, just a bit frustrated because I have an online job and I can't afford losing my work. I couldn't download and upload my projects using my mobile wifi. I'll just get capped right away.