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    Hi! Is anyone here currently on UNLISURF plan?


      Hi! Is anyone here currently on UNLISURF plan? My contract is about to end this April 2015 and I want to get a new gadget from Globe but they don't offer UNLISurf anymore. I know there's a cap limit for using data even when you're on unlisurf plan. Is there a great difference between their current surfing plans and unlisurf plan when it comes to the length of time you'll be online? I just want to have an idea if it's okay to switch plans or it's best that I keep my unlisurf plan. Thanks!

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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          GOSURF999 has 5gb data allocation with anti bill-shock feature, pay not more than P1500

          (P999 + P501) No Throttling No Capping.


          Unlisurf999 has 1gb data cap then 2g speeds afterwards or 3gb per month whichever comes first.

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              Hello! Are you currently on postpaid plan Deme rock? I am actually planning of availing one. But I am very confused with the policies they have. Some say that even after reaching the data allocation, 3GB or 5GB fo example, the speed will not be throttled or capped. However, when I talked to one customer representative of Globe, I was told that after reaching the bill shock 1,500, the speed will also be lowered to 30%.


              For example, GOSURF999: 5GB data allocation

                                                       1500-999= 501

                                                       Php 501/2pesos per mb = 250.5MB

              Note that 2pesos per MB is the cost for the additional data that we can consume. So, if we are to base it on my computation, after the 5gb is reached, we only have 250MB before reaching the 1,500 bill.


              If after consuming the 250MB, which, in all honesty, we can consume in an hour, the speed will be lowered for the rest of the month, that would be a very terrible case. This is all so confusing.

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                  Let's just quote no other than Globe's CEO Ernest Cu regarding FUP (which is the basis of all this throttling etc)...

                  (link purposely deleted to avoid moderation as a security measure of the mods in this forum)


                  "“It’s more of a marketing issue and not legal one. Because it was always there in the contract, they (customers) signed with us that FUP will apply. We weren’t specific about the FUP, but it has to do with capping on a certain level of usage. It’s always been there,” Cu explained."


                  So all plans are subjected to FUP contrary to what Customer Service or Globe's webpage are saying and stating. It is the definition which varies and could be changed anytime EVEN WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE (even though it is in the contract it nevertheless MAY violate a higher law which is the Consumer Act of the Philippines).