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      hi dusconnected ako sa home tatto broadband pero byad n po ako sa overdue ko amount 1966 kailan mareconnect yung line ko accnt ko 849854485 lyndel morales yan ang owner kindly check

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          Kindly call 211 toll free using any globe line. Request for reconnection but with a 100 fee. Otherwise just inquire about it. Usually, posting of payment made at any globe store is posted realtime. If payment is thru payment centers then posting is 2-3 days or even more. 

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            You may call Globe Hotline free using any globe mobile number dial 211.

            Please prepare for the receipt/OR details with for further validation and might need by the Agent prior for reconnection request.

            If processed by the agent there a reconnection fee of P100 charged to bill.

            or via IVR free, follow the voice prompt.


            hope this may help for you. lyndel.morales