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    End s5 postpaid contract


      Please guide on process and options to end postpaid connection plan s5 . Is their sn option to surrender phone and end contract or payback and phone can be unlocked for future use outside country

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          Just go to a Globe Center to have your line terminated. You would have to pay your outstanding balance and if applicable, a pretermination fee if you are still under a lock in period. There is no option to surrender your phone or if ever you would, it would be of no value to them nor would it be deducted from whatever you have to pay Globe. Sadly, Globe does not unlock Samsung units (only iphones which have active subscriptions not being covered by a lock-in period) for future or even present use outside the country.

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            You may also call Globe Termination HOtline  using your mobile postpaid for free 027301300 follow the voice prompt,

            you may ask then(for account checking), possible fees if and only if your not outside the agreement, other wise there's no fees, its just remaining balances, unbilled usage but have to wait the cut off  the detail due.

            also other option you may ask for the assistance from the globe store same scenario you'll doing,, they'll endorse you to hotline, but the amazing thing on store is that you can ask directly from the staff the possible dues/fees.