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    Iphone 6 GoSurf


      May unlimited bang GoSurf ang IPhone 6 Plan or consumable lahat?

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          chingchongchai There's a Platinum Plan (called Customizable Plan) offered at 3,799 (For Customizability| Plans |Platinum). Note how the word "unlimited" was used.

          The Customizable Plan offers flexibility for your ever-changing needs. Enjoy the convenience of choosing the right combos and services fit for your lifestyle using your consumable amount. With the latest gadgets, you can surf all you want with unlimited mobile data.


          30-day GoSurf Packs are essentially still "unlimited" for now (plus no speed decrease upon reaching your data allocation), just with higher bill caps:

          • Maximum of P1,500 for GoSurf 99 to GoSurf 999
          • Maximum of P2,000 for GoSurf 1799 and GoSurf 2499


          GoSurf 99 and up may be covered by Anti-Bill Shock but these promos are also still subject to FUP.

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            hello there!


            you may try this..


            Get the most out of your iPhone 6 on the country's largest 4G network at Plan 999.*


            please see details below for the promos you may choose from

            unli calls and text to all globe and TM with consumable or Consumable Data Plan.

            iPhone 6 Plans and Offers | Postpaid - Globe Telecom

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