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    Seriously need help on my application :(


      Hi everyone. Hope everyone's having a nice day before I give you a piece of my frustration (sorry!!)


      I applied online (thru Globe website) last December 26, 2014 (Friday). I was speaking with Majo who used [email protected] email. She called me the next day and I told her the plan I wanted to apply for, she told me to send her the requirements thru email and I told her I will be able to send it Monday. I sent her the complete requirements when Monday came and she said she will be submitting the application and I should expect a call from the verifier after 2-3 business days. I waited until January 5 came...still no calls. So I opted to call Globe Customer Service myself to ask for a follow up. I was then told that the application was not submitted, I was speaking with an agent named Jed Domingo. He suggested that he process my application since there are no duplicate applications anyway. So even if I was disappointed, I said okay and he processed my application. January 7 came and I received a call from the verifier. She told me to expect a call from the Support Team within 2-3 days. So I waited...January 10, I called for a follow up and they told me that there's no status yet. January 15, I called again and they told me that the application has been transmitted to the support team already last January 14. So I thought "okay there's progress now".... I waited and after the long series of holidays, I didn't receive any calls. I called January 24 and they told me that it has been transmitted to the support team last January 23. Wow, kelan ba talaga natransmit??


      After January 24 I've been calling them almost everyday and some agents have been even dropping my calls to add to my stress. Because of that, every time I call, I've been requesting for a supervisor because I know what the agents will tell me, the usual "DON'T WORRY MAAM IT'S ALREADY ON HIGH PRIORITY" when I know they can't really do anything about it but create a report that is most likely being queued and will take days before the support team sees it. I've spoken to several managers already namely: Dara, Tricia Lynn, Jessie, and Chiel (I spoke to her just now) but she still doesn't have any update for me.


      Imagine the stress of having to expect a call everyday, waking up looking forward to a call, always keeping your phone beside you because you don't want to miss that most awaited call, putting your phone on the loudest so that even when you're sleeping you'll be able to get up and answer in case they finally call. I know I may seem overreacting but I hope you understand, it's frustrating and stressful and no one seems to actually help out whenever I call them.


      I took my time reading in this community to see if anyone can help me and I noticed neilph and notevenfollowed so if you guys can help me, please please do

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          I have the same issue. I applied my additional line December 22, 2014. Been calling once and even twice a day for follow up but still no update from the support team. In process... In process... But no feedback. Very frustrating.

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            joshl I hope you find time to help me out :(

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              Hi hyukxen,


              I sent you a private message regarding this. Kindly check your inbox.

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                  Please help...


                  I applied for the S6 re contracting last week of March and a Globe agent called me up last March 27, 2015 using a landline with number 02-7392222. He called to confirm my re contracting application with the S6 free unit. THe renewal is bundled with freebies including a wireless charger. He even gave me a Reference Number and the location where I will pick-up the unit. The conversation took us more than 15 minutes. I thought everything is already arranged. But to my curiosity, I called up again 211 today jsut to confirm the pick-up time and date because I'll be coming from Pampanga and I needed to pick-up my S6 at Trinoma. When my call was forwarded to the Loyalty Department, an agent named Rolex Geyo told me that my re contracting application didn't work out. I asked him why and he told me that the agent who assisted me made some errors in encoding the title of my request, to cut the story short, my application was not processed. Rolex suggested that he just process now my request but the pick-up date and venue will change or the unit will just be delivered to my desired address. Sounds ok... but what made me REALLY DISAPPOINTED is when he told me about the freebies. All the freebies will be given to me except for the wireless charger because it is no longer available. Got so mad and disappointed because of that! Why will I be the one to suffer the consequences where in fact it's Globe thru its agent made a mistake?!!! Another concern is that why anybody from the Loyalty or Sales Dept of Globe did not call me or inform me about my application that didn't work out? Since Rolex have limited authority on my complaints, I requested him to have me talk to his superiors. Unfortunately, he said that his supervisor is on a meeting and even if the supervisor will be the one to talk to me, there is no assurance that I will still be given the free charger. So I told him since our conversation is already long, I requested him to discuss my concern to his supervisor and I requested him to call me back. Until now, and it's already more than 2 hours, no Globe Supervisor have called me up. So I called up again the Globe Loyalty Department. And this time, it's Ms. Marian Santos, another agent answered my call. Relayed to her again my concern, and since she can't solve my complaints, she told me that she will hold my call for 1 to 2 minutes, after a while since she can't give me the free wireless charger, she offered instead that my 1 month MRF will be waived. I didn't accept her offer, so she hold again my cal... and this time, I was put on hold for more than 30 minutes, and still waited because I am serious and very disappointed on Globe's representative's mistakes. After that long wait, she talked to me again only to tell me that all her supervisors are on an emergency meeting and they just call me asap. And now I am still waiting for their call. Very disappointed. What if I didn't call today and confirm my appointment on April 18 at Trinoma? I will be ending up wasting my time because I will be coming from Pampanga, and will incur cost for my transpo and meals. I JUST HOPE THE GLOBE MANAGEMENT WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASAP.

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                      I have immeasurable doubts with their phone rep's answers lately. Everytime I call they just sound unsure of their response, except for a few wonderful reps. I too cannot believe that recontracting subscribers are being given a hard time or so it appears. I want to challenge Globe's recontracting process and make it more convenient and hassle free for existing subscribers.


                      About the S6 pre-order, I finally gave up after making several calls because they still cant figure out why I didn't receive a confirmation that I've already settled my recontracting fees. Btw 2 to 3 of their reps advised me that I should get a confirmation email which actually did not happen.


                      But thanks to the rep I spoke with today, he assured me that my local Globe Store handled the recontracting already so I should be good to go and just go there to pick up the unit on the 18th.


                      I will update this thread on April 18.

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                    This is so heartbreaking. I too have issues with them and I am seriously tired of chasing the winds. I totally feel you.

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                      hi hyukxen I feel your frustration BUT you're already in good hands with joshl

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                        Hello, sorry kung ngayon ko lang nabasa ang iyong post. 
                        To be honest, wala talaga akong tiwala sa time frame ng Globe online application. 
                        Napansin ko na nag uusap na kayo ni  joshl , kung sakaling mainip ka sa pag hihintay sa iyong online application. Ang aking maipapayo ay ipa cancel ito at sa Globe Business Center na lang mag apply. Kung kompleto naman ang iyong dalang requirements at hindi kailangan pa ng kung anong verification, itoy approve na agad at uuwi ka agad dala ang iyong phone at sim.