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      Last January 13, my order was placed and have successfully received the reference number. The agent whom I got to talk with told me that handset will be picked-up January 23. I called again to the hotline to check and confirm last January 21 and have informed that the unit was dispatched to Globe Store(Gateway). I then again called the hotline to check if unit is already available for pick-up at the Globe store before going there, the agent confirmed so I went there. Unfortunately, upon talking to the globe store gateway representative, my unit hasn't arrived yet and have informed me that it usually takes 2 weeks for the availability of my handset since I am availing for iPhone6. Then why the hell gave me date of pick-up which was January 23?! Sad to say I left bare handed. I even made several follow-ups with my handset but no one can give me concrete answer of my query! Some agents told me you're running out of stock of iphone but what the hell is the use of the REFERENCE NUMBER for my order and reservation?! Another agent told me he will escalate the report to the right department or person to address my concern and have mentioned to wait for at least 24-48 hours for the notification from Globe, unluckily it has been 72 hours now but I got no information!!! Is this what I can get from being your loyal customer for the past 2 years?! Is this what only globe can do? To let me wait for long?!! This is really frustrating! No sense of having CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER!!! Screw them up!!! Better improve your services! Hope this complaint will be handled seriously!!!