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    Recontracting from Unlisurf 1799


      My current plan is Unlisurf 1799 and will end soon. I already call to CSR and also go to globe store for recontracting and  they always insist that there is already no bill rebate or discounted cash out if I will renew my plan with iPhone6Plus unit under myLifestylePlan. I am expecting pa naman na discounted or waived ung magiging cashout ko for my new plan. Ano na ba talagang offer ng globe? Kase khit ung csr  ay nde din maipaliwanag ng aus.

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          As the Lifestyle plan is a new plan, expect a lot of confusion to take place and different interpretations from globe CSRs.


          if we are to refer to the posts here by the moderators, Lateral shifting (same amount of plan or upgrade) from an old plan to the LifeStyle Plan is possible. Therefore, recontracting and availing a device should be possible as you are outside the lock in period already.


          Regarding bill rebates if recontracting... according to their FAQ, bill rebates would be available for recontracting subscribers shifting to the Lifestyle plans by February 2015.


          Take note that recontracting is DIFFERENT from retention. Recontracting is availing of another contract while Retention is retaining your old plan

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            Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

            Hi Richard, Some thing you might reconsider before recontracting


            • Unlisurf Data is no longer offered thus, once you re-contracted you will be migrated to new MyLifestyle Plan |GoSurf consumable data.
            • No Bill Rebates for your current Plan (1799), should you decide to migrate to MLP plan there is upcoming Bill Rebate to be offer this february.
            • Cash-out for Existing Subs and New Application are almost the same and incomparably much beneficial to New Line applicant than those who'd like to re-contract.
            • The handset availability for re-contracting subs was the least priority.
            • Poor Logistics
            • Re-contracting can only be done over the phone (027301300).