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    Globe's connection/routing to Europe is broken


      For more then a month now only dial-up speeds ~5KB/s (if at all) to the London server. Test for yourself at http://testmy.net/

      Click "Servers" and select London server.

      In fact the UPLOAD (orange) speed  is higher then the DOWNLOAD (blue) speed. How is this even possible ? This issue persist at least since 28 December last year.


      Globe London Server 28 December.PNG


      What I did notice is that the speeds are back to normal between ~2AM - 5AM when not many users are online. The rest of the day ,its dial-up speeds ~5KB/s.


      Now IRU prices (for international undersea cable bandwith) has dropped at least 75% over the last 5 years.

      So how about it GLOBE ? Why not give us a little more bandwidth then dial-up speed ~5KB/s to Europe.



      PLDT Fibr connection (from the neighbours) reaches 7 Mb/s download from the same server.