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    what rewards can i get after finishing my contract Plan 1799?


      Just finished my 1799 plan for an I phone 6 and i would like to ask what will be my reward other than a gadget. Moreover what is the plan which is good for me since I wanted to maintain the same mobile no. Will I be enjoying the same freebies of unli calls to 3 globe numbers? if I will re-contract what is the ideal plan if i retain my mobile number from the recently finished plan?

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          After finishing your lock in contract Globe shall offer you a gadget that would be similar to a gadget offered to a new subscriber IF you choose to be locked in for a least another 24 months. It is not really a reward but an incentive for you to stay with Globe for another period.


          Note however that your plan is not being offered anymore and if you plan to retain it then there would not be any incentive that would be offered. Globe however would try to let you shift to ther new LifeStyle plans where the base subscription of Php 499.00 entitles you to unlimited calls and texts not only to your 3 preferred Globe numbers but to ALL Globe/TM numbers. From there you could add-on lifestyle packs or bundles or consumables where the higher monthly subscription you have, the better gadget offering they would give.


          For more check Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan | Postpaid - Globe