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    tm user


      if i am tm users can i allowed to rehister gcash??

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          Yes you can register your TM number to GCash.


          How to Start click Get Started | Mobile Money | Services | GCash - Globe

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            Yes. Just type REG 4-digit MPIN/mother's maiden name/first name/last name/address to 2882 and it's for FREE.


            Here are the features of GCASH:


            • Receive money to & from another Globe/TM mobile phone
            • Buy prepaid load and get as much as up to 8% rebate via GCash for Globe/TM load
            • Purchase load from other networks
            • Send donations
            • Purchase items
            • Shop online 
            • Pay your bills and do a lot of money related transactions, anytime, anywhere using your Globe or TM mobile phone


            Or you may call GCASH HL (2882).