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    Billing discrepancies


      So I posted the same issue a while back but the pipz from Globe hasn't been very helpful to me. So I'm asking you guys here in the community if what could have went wrong.


      My Dec - Jan bill had discrepancies on it. My plan is as follows,


      But on my bill, it shows:


      I was overcharged by 1,072.32php in the same bill. What I want to know is that why are there combos that are not suppose to be on my bill. And I want proof that these combos did not cause the overcharge. It seems that the CSRs cannot answer that since I've been talking to a lot of them now. And until recently, they havent replied to my emails. Im very much frustrated and disappointed with they handling about this issue. I might as well ask the people from Smart, maybe they can answer better that from the people in Globe... jk


      Thanks for the answers and help!

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          Another system glitch? It happens (and I have experienced it too several times).


          Just ask for a reversal. It could be cumbersome but nevertheless, demand for it.


          Just imagine subscribers who do not check their bills and have their payments autocharged to their credit cards...

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            hi kei-aaru this happened to me.  And nobody from the hotline could really explain it and to think these info (the bill and what they are using) came from the same server/system. Weird, no?


            Anyway, if you could prove to them your exact combos by going back 2 or 3 bills before, and that assert you never made any changes in your combos, then ask for reversal and correction in their system.

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              Hi sir,


              I sent you a private message regarding this. Kindly check your inbox. Thanks!

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                yan ba yong nasa last part ng bill? yong details ng plan? ganyan talaga if you availed of a handset or nagchange ka ng plan, ganyan din kasi nangyari sa bill ko. hindi naman yan talagang nacharge, summary lang yan nong peso value ng plan. mafix din yan sa next billing. please refer to the actual charges sa account by looking at the second page. yong may charges na msf at other fees, ang nagreflect doon ay wala pang vat, so kung 1799 ang plan mo, malamang 1606.25 ang makikita mo doon para sa msf. doon ka po magrefer.