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    Infotext Subscriptions in my billing


      I have my postpaid mobile account (voice) for more than 2 years now.  From the recent billing statement, there's this "Infotext Subscriptions" which was charged on top of my usual bill.  I have inquired this via Globe's Chat facility and the agent advised me that it came from a 4-digit access number. 


      Eager to know what that 4-digit number is, and when/how it was transacted, I asked the agent.

      She just simply replied, "I apologize.  It is not indicated in your bill."   


      Since it was just less than 10 pesos, I considered that as my fault for not monitoring my usage. 

      I don't want to make it as an issue with Globe. 

      (1) does anybody know what that "infotext subscriptions" for? 

      (2) is there a way to know if it was still enabled? 

      (3) how can I disable it? 


      Thank you for any information.