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    my plan


      Bakit po naging 1800 plus ung fee q this month?eh kababayad ko lng last month 2600plus wherein nagnegative p nga account balance q.....999 lng po ung contract q per month

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          Do you have with you your bill?

           If not try to ask Hotline 211 or 027301300 using your postpaid Free 

          For more clarifications:

          Account specialist will inform you for the details like:Possible reason may cause was you used up you postpaid subscription. Like have to check what's your subscription includes? Then next up chancel also your usage(beyond your subscribed plan;share a load: data charges(if not subscribed to data plan) you might exceeded but with the bill shock which Globe has that bill cap.

          In addition if you haven't received yet your bill, log on to Globe website. Which www.globe.com.ph try to create account there. Enroll your postpaid account for more self service viewing on your bill and other self services.☺️

          Hope this info helps ü☺️

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            hi jonardtheboy if you have your bill already (either printed or sent thru email), you can check the details there or wait for it if di pa dumating so that you will have a solid basis for complaint if there is any error made by Globe.  Then, you can call the hotline again.