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    Recontracting problems: globe wont activate my signal on new ip6


      I applied for recontracting last saturday. I got an iphone 6 for 1799 plan. I had an iphone 4s before so I asked how I will retain my number. The guy said that they will deliver the phone with the lte sim with the same number and it will be activated within 24 hours. After 24 hours, i called globe again. They asked for my sim serial number. The guy on the line said that it will be activated within 24 to 48 hrs. So I waited.


      Day 3 with no signal, I was at the mall, i went to globe the guy said that my ip6 will only be activated at feb 24 since the bill for my old 1799 plan will end at feb 23. I asked if I have to wait that long just to get my phone activated? The guy at the store was sarcastic and told me "bumili ka muna ng sim para maenjoy mo yung phone" (what's the point in giving me the phone if I can't even use it)


      So this morning I tried to chat with a live agent. He told me that it's not true that I will need to wait till feb 24 and that he can activate the phone only if the account holder (my dad) will call to activate it. So i asked my dad to call customer svc. He texted me just now. He was again told that we'll have to wait till 24.


      Ano po ba talaga???? It's the same plan 1799 naman. Why not activate it?