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    Should I Just Quit?


      I am at my wits end with Globe Broadband and Landline. For November and December my landline only worked for at most, 1 week.  Which would have been fine since the only time I ever really use it is to call Globe customer service but I have also been having speed issues where I would get less than 0.5 MBPS in speed.  After a lot of phonecalls and a few technician appointments, my speed and my dialtone were finally restored.


      Now I have a new problem.  Less than a month of decent speed I suddenly have intermittent connection issues.  Everyday from 3pm to 11pm my internet would time out.  Either I get Connection timed out or Webpage unavailable on multiple sites. My internet becomes almost unusable by 7pm. My ping in DOTA 2 would sometimes hit 500. My ticket has been open since January 14. The technicians said it's a facilities issue. Until now it has not been fixed.


      Jan 14 - OSN15010020605

      Jan 19 - no reference given

      Feb 2 - OFU15020000858


      Can I please just have one full month without any problems? PLEASE?