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    Postpaid Mobile Plan Application Status? What's going on?

    Clarence Gail Nacar

      I know this has been a common issue for some fellow new line applicants like me. I am just one of a number of possible new customers na hanggang ngayon wala parin verification yung plan application. I applied last January 3 for MyLifestyle with free phone at plan 1499php via online and received a call from one of their sales advisors in 2 or 3 days after the application. I was told to submit my requirements and she sent me an email where I can attach my documents and send it to her directly. I received actually an email from 2 representatives and I sent them both required documents but the other one was quite responsive so I chose to do the transaction with her. I sent her all my documents for the application and in one day, she emailed me back. Unfortunately, the proof of billing I submitted was not under my name so the advisor asked me to send a valid ID with my address on it as proxy for the electricity bill I attached on the email. The problem was it took me a week and more before I was finally able to send another valid ID, which is my TIN ID, due to the card availability in BIR. So that was January 27. I received a call in a few hours during the same day from the same sales rep whom I have submitted the documents to. We made some changes on the inclusive bundles on the package but I do not know whether the old application has been cancelled and replaced by a new one. She then advised me to wait 3 to 5 days for a call back from their feedback support team regarding my plan. So I did wait. She did not really mention BUSINESS or WORKING days, and given the fact that I am also working in the BPO industry, I already assumed she meant business as usual. So I waited 3 to 5 working days for an update. I called in between, just to check if there is really a verification on the progress. However, to my surprise, I was informed by the representative I spoke with over the phone that they cannot find anything from the reference number I provided them. The previous sales representative who has been looking over my application update, nevertheless, did not provide me a new reference number for the plan modification the last time she called on January 27. I called 3 times and was just promised that the issue will be escalated and to wait (again) for a call back in 24 to 48 hours. I have been receiving quite a few missed calls after the second escalation has been processed and I am wondering if that is actually Globe contacting me for an update. However, I told them that I am not always available due to my busy schedule and have been waiting but they keep calling me on a not-so-convenient time. I clearly understand that I have to make myself available for a follow up call from them. But I have been waiting for 3 days for an update after the 5 working days palugit has gone past. And now to be honest, I felt like I am waiting for nothing. I have the advance payment already and everything, but still no confirmation. Simply left hanging on the edge. To Globe Telecom, PLEASE DO SOMETHING. I am on the verge of losing my patience here.