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    Asking Refund for Globe Internet Service failure from End of 2014 'til February 7, 2015


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      We subscribed globe tattoo Home broadband September 2014


      I left home for a long vacation November 2014 and since then people left at home suffered a very poor and very slow internet service. Several time they experienced "No Connection" but they don't know how to call globe for the problem.


      I returned home February 3, 2015


      • - I noticed the very slow connection but I just didnt mind it because I need to take a rest from a long trip
      • - November 6, its the time that I recovered from jet lag and started using my notebook then found out that we are only served for a 160 - 200 Kbps so I called globe customer service then they advised me for a Site visit from Globe technical team to solve the problem the following day (Feb. 7, 2015 1:00 - 8:00 PM schedule)
      • - November 7, 2015 7:00 AM I noticed that the connection is already restored with more than 1 Mbps
      • ..............................11:00 AM Globe subcontractor A.G. Magno Construction and Telecommunication called me and informed me that they already restored my connection without any site inspection needed because the problem is from GLOBE SYSTEM NETWORKING HARDWARE.


      They advice me that if no one will call and inform them about the problem then no action would happen. Simply means for non-techsavvy Globe subscribers who don't know how to use the speed test ( http://www.speedtest.net ) to test the connection then they would suffer like my people left at home. Is it really a responsibility to Globe subscribers to keep testing if they were served well by Globe, or Globe technical team must monitor to serve the clients faithfully and honestly?


      Since Globe knew about their failure / system failure since end of 2014 but did not restore the subscribers connection (planned and signed speed)  if they will not complain then... could globe refund the subscribern even the problem was not reported?


      This matter was already referred to the Globe subcontractor A.G. Magno Construction and Telecommunication but they told us to directly visit any Globe business center. Well, visiting any Globe Business Center is another issue..we are just busy and we don't want to go there without any assurance. We need feedback from the other subscribers experiencing the same.

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          Yes, from our experience, the subscriber has to be proactive when it comes to concerns regarding their subscription... No complaint, no report. No report, no follow-up. No follow-up, no action. No action, continue follow-up (sometimes several times) until action is taken.


          Do not worry... Globe is not the only company guilty of this... many of our service companies are like this so it is normal and how we want to make them aware of what is actually happening so we can have better consumerism in the Philippines. It's a little better now than 25 years ago but we still have a long way to go.


          Regarding your request for refund, try and state your case through the hotline so you won't have to visit and line up in a business center (the contractor does not have any personality but you could use their reason as a basis for your request) and they will elevate it to a team who would investigate it but be warned that you should constantly follow it up. Who knows and you may be lucky to encounter a supervisor who would be very understanding and accede to your request right away. It happens specially if you are persistent and very good to them.


          Good luck.

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            Actually, I had the same experience way back 2006. The same thing I requested for a refund for the services that I wasn't able to use due to their network issue and no solution given during that time. The only difference with our situation is that I kept on reporting my concern to their hotline. However, after number of months the problem was not resolved. So I went to the business center same thing. So, to make it short I went directly at the Globe Head Office at Pioneer right in there the CSR who assisted was able to sort out everything and even got the refund approved the same day.

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              Please validate to those who left at home if they have reported the issue by calling the hotline. If yes, then you can call the hotline and let them back track if there were reports made on that period and request for an adjustment. There is also a need to check what's the reason why there was no connection at that time. It could be that the account was also affected by network issue at that time. However, we cannot assume what had really on that time so it would be better for you to call the hotline to be assisted.