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    Re-contracting but with a new number


      I just went to a globe store to claim my loyalty reward, as i thought that i after 24 months of my lock up period i can claim a new unit phone with the same plan. Unfortunately the agent told me that for me to be able to have a new unit, i have to apply for a re-contracting, before it was 699 Unli call and text to Globe and TM and now its 999 for super dou plan. I was quite disappointed because i need to add 300 /month for me to avail the new unit. The thing that really frustrating is they can't retain my existing number both my mobile and land line number. Is there anyways that i can still have my original number if i pursue my re-contracting? I have two super dou subscription so this means i will be having the same concern once my second unit will reach on its lock up period.?

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          Just to make things clear, there is no such thing as a loyalty reward. Globe does not give you a device because you have finished your lock-in period but because they want you to sign up for another period (similar to getting a new subscription). It is an incentive to get another plan and not a reward .


          Yes it's actually a forced migration IF you want to avail of a device (just like getting a new plan).


          Technically it is possible to retain whatever you want to retain but Globe for all its intents and purposes just won't allow it so subscriber would get another plan. It is part of a "wonderful" way to accept what they want and not what we want.


          The only recourse (as of this point) is really to retain your plan (even if you want to keep it for another 2 or more years) WITHOUT availing of a device nor rebate. Do you still call that a reward?

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              Thank you for your response , i understand that there will be no reward after my first two years contract, like i said it was just my thought, since i have other plan from other network which they provide loyalty reward. I come to the point that my willingness to avail a re-contracting ( New Plan/upgrade from 699 to 999 ) for another set of period and for me to avail a new unit at the same time, was almost transacted and get done but the only thing stopped me to apply a re-contract is the agent said that i can't retain my old number. This is the only issue why this provider can't retain my number even though i will apply for an upgrade plan.


              Yes,a reward or rebates as they gave me less % amount on my next 2 years bill.