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    my bills for the month of february


      i would like ask my bill for the month of February for the account 855932670. I would like also to ask other ways to pay bill other than online or gcash. Can I pay my bill through western union? Is it Innove type?

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          you may try to call the hotline 027301000 or 211 just follow the voice prompt and you will hear the option regarding your balance, kung may credit card ka sa hotline may option din dun for payment .  di accredited ang western union, but you have many options na pede pagbayaran suchs as bayad center, 711, cebuna lluiler, LBC, sm bills payments, bpi

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            Since you already know your account number you can use the globe's IVR to inquire your account balance. Aside from GCash you can also pay using online banking like bpi, china bank and a lot more. For you bill, kindly check your cut-off date hence your bill will be available and you should receive your billing statement 5-7 days after the cut-off date if your account is enrolled to paperless billing. But, if your account is enrolled to paper bill, the delivery will be 7-9 calendar days after your cut off date (NCR) and 9-11 days (provincial areas).