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    Defective iPhone 6 replacement process.


      I just got my iPhone 6 64GB last February 6, 2015 thru the Air 21 courier service. I started the phone activation process and got to the part where I need to setup up the touch ID, I got a message that says "Failed - Unable to complete Touch ID setup. Please go back and try again". After several attempts, it just won't work. Thinking it was just a glitch, I choose to set up the touch ID later. Everything went well with the activation minus the touch ID. Yesterday, I tried again to setup my touch ID thru the settings menu but I still get the same error message. I went to the GBC to have my phone checked. After checking, they told me that they will have it replaced because according to them, the fingerprint scanner is defective. I was told that they will call me when the replacement arrives. They can't tell me how long it will take though.


      I did not get any claim stub or any reference ID that I can use when I make a follow up? My concern is what if the 7 day period for unit replacement lapse? I still have my iPhone 6 with me. I asked if I need to surrender the unit but I was told to give it back once I have the replacement. Anyone here who've been though a similar predicament? What is my assurance that Globe will replace my defective unit?

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          This is the lamest and lousy replacement policy from a so-called telecom giant. They won't give you any document regarding your replacement request! 

          I would suggest you go back to that store and demand a replacement receipt indicating such request, date of request, initial unit diagnosis and approval of said request. Puputi ang uwak nyan pag hindi ka nagrequest ng receipt. Baka lalabas na ang iPhone 6s hindi pa napapalitan unit mo.

          Request that your plan be suspended until a replacement unit is handed to you. 7 day replacement is very clear that they will replace it immediately! 

          Nakakagalit ang ganitong sistema.