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    Canada VISA


      Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my questions.


      I have a friend in Zamboanga city, and I would like to purchase a phone for him. I would also like to take care of the billing myself, and I may be interested in setting up a broadband home line for him.


      I've been unable to find an e-mail contact address for Globe so as to discuss my needs, make arrangements, etc.


      How can I contact someone over there? I can call if you prefer, but you'll have to forgive me as I don't speak any Filipino languages, unless you count castellano.


      Many thanks,



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          Hi! Based on the title of your post 'Canada Visa', i am assuming you're  located in Canada and that you want to apply for a home broadband for your friend located in Zamboanga? 

          Unfortunately, you cannot. Only Philippine residents, of legal age and who have permanent address here can apply for Globe plans. 

          However, there are other options for your friend:

          1. He can visit any Globe store near his location in Zamboanga. He can inquire about the 7-months advance payment scheme without the need of much financial proof of income.

          Note that applying at a globe store is more convenient and assessment and approval is faster. Since there are documents needed to be submitted, if for instance your friend cannot provide all these documents, the store can offer him other options.

          2. If your friend cannot qualify under option 1, then he can ask someone who has all the requirements to apply for your friend. This is a matter of trust between your friend and the one who will  apply for him.

          For infos regarding home broadband: http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/products/home-broadband.html

          Don't  hesitate to ask more questions if you have. 

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              Hello Fervish,


              Thanks for getting back to me promptly. I’m amazed that you replied to me at 4:xx in the morning your time.


              Just so I understand things correctly:


              1. It will be possible for me to cover the expenses of a home broadband setup IF I pay seven months' worth in advance?


              2. The same policy is applicable towards postpaid phone accounts? For example I may purchase service, including LTE internet, etc, for my friend (I believe he has an iPhone in his possession) so long as I pay 6 + 1 months in advance?


              3. You would be willing to accept my visa from canada, or perhaps paypal, such that I can take care of the fees myself, on behalf of my friend?


              I think I could make that work for me.

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              Hi nikd 

              The option i mentioned above is for your friend as you are not allowed to open or apply for a postpaid plan for your friend even if you're the one who's gonna pay for it.

              1. You cannot open an account. Ask your friend to go to any globe store and apply personally. Maybe you can just send money for the payment of the 7 mos.

              2. Note that a foreign person residing in a foreign country is not allowed to open an account with globe. Paypal payment is not yet accepted by globe. 

              3. Your friend can visit any globe store and apply for a LINE ONLY (no handset) which is the easiest and fastest application as you mentioned that your friend has an iPhone already.

              Kindly tell your friend to visit any globe store for further info as, given your situation, you cannot open an account with Globe.

              Please read this http://www.globe.com.ph/postpaid-plan-application-requirements?jsid=1423064134570