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    Changed plan online only to be billed TWICE!?!?


      We had 2 plans on Unli599.


      We checked online with our Globe account and the system stated we could change plan to SuperPlan299


      So we did.  The online Globe system is reporting that that is now the plan we are using.


      Today we received the billing statement.  The bill is for 801.78 for the monthly recurring fee?!?!??  Why becuase Globe have charged us for 2 plans/subscriptions from the day we changed the plan to the day the 599 plan finished!  What the heck?!??!?!?!


      1) Why wasn't the 599 plan discontinued immediately

      2) If the plan had to run till the end of the cycle then why were we not informed at the time we changed the plan

      3) How is it possible that any account can be liable to TWO subscription plans at any ONE time?!?!


      We have tried to talk to the telephone support bu they angered us because of their flippant nature, lack of knowledge and the fact they stopped the conversation with a statement that "The billing is system generated and therefore cannot be wrong" 


      We have complained to the NTC via their online form this morning.


      What does Globe have to say about this situation?  Is this the way to treat customers!?

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          It would be best to visit any globe store near you. Bring previous bill statements if you have. They can address your issue and maybe resolve earlier and faster too.

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              @fervish - Sorry,I have to disagree


              1. Why does the Globe online accounts system allow a customer to change the plan if it's still in a "tie in" period (or any other reason) and then and direct you to a solution
              2. Why doesn't the Globe online accounts system state to a customer to change the plan if it's still in a "tie in" period (or any other reason) that the current subscription will be carried through to the end of the current billing cycle and then the new subscription placed "live"
              3. How can the system be programmed by Globe to double charge for ANY period!  That's is malpractice in the extreme!
              4. Why is this my problem?  Why should I go to a Globe office?  Why didn't Globe help me this morning?  All they did was say there's no error as the computer cannot make an error - a statement that is so condescending that it beggars belief!


              I am very much aggrieved that any company in the year 2015 can think it can just run over its customers because it's a large corporation.  This kind of underhand anti-consumer behavior from any company can not be tolerated.

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              Hi johnjoemorgan  this can be easily solved kung kalmado lang tayo. Let the CSR do their job in digging the error or better yet take the concern to any business center, dont leave if they cant solve your concern.
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                johnjoemorgan It seems that your request to change your plan was deemed final. Does this mean that no one from Globe calls to confirm the request, to inform the applicable charges, and to inform when the new plan would take effect?

                If the "Change my plan" self-service transaction has been causing and would continue to cause account-related issues, maybe it should be improved. Any modification of plan - downgrade, upgrade, migration from old plan to new plan, changing of freebies/combos/boosters, with or without a lock up period - should already show a computation of applicable charges. These charges and other pertinent information should already be communicated to the subscriber before the Billing System accepts and executes the change (since it seems an Account Specialist doesn't call beforehand to confirm the request to modify the plan).

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                  Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

                  This shouldn't happen in the first place, the order ticket created when you requested for Plan modification should take effect AFTER your cutoff date, so if the agent process your request in the middle of your billing cycle the new Plan effectivity date was on the day after your cut-off date.


                  The two overlapping charges should be rectify, the previous charge should be prorated as well as your new Plan MRF.

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                      @rongcuangco and @RNav Many thanks for your comments ... worded far better than my original post :-)


                      If these services are placed online and marketed to us - the consumers - as convenient and safe then we should, by virtue of good self governance by Globe and by the laws protecting consumers from malpractice, expect the online service to work without flaw and without prejudice against us.


                      Any answer involving the consumer taking time out to themselves to rectify a Globe error is playing into their hands.  We, the consumers are BOSS, not Globe.


                      Unfortunately Globe's CSR's answer of "The bill is correct.  The system does not make errors" tells us that Globe believes it has the power, and the right, to trample over its customers.


                      I sent Globe's Facebook page a private message yesterday and they responded asking for the account details.  As soon as I get a response from them I will post it here.

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                          Suffice to say that nothing has been heard from Globe today.  Maybe they have low batt?!

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                              We have now visited Globe after they refused to take any action otherwise any other way.


                              Globes response is the same as their online rep.  As we changed the subscription part way through the billing period AND that change was made online the charges stay. 


                              Therefore the conclusions we can draw from this are as follows:



                              1. Globe's online billing and subscription system that is marketed as a way to help customers in fact is set up to allow Globe to double bill its customers
                              2. Globe's representative's advice is NOT to use the online billing/subscription system as it results in over billing and double billing
                              3. Even though Globe recognizes that its online system allows double and over billing and its staff encourages customers NOT to use the system Globe still markets the system to its customer as a safe, convenient and economical way to do business with them.  However, this experience, and probably that of 10's of thousands of overs is completely the opposite.  It is not safe, you are over billed and it wastes a tremendous amount of time
                              4. Globe can perform theft from its customers and get away from it with not a whisper from the NTC
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                          Before anything else, may i request a screenshot copy of the bill being disputed? The private infos should be highlighted or erased. 

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                            I am a customer for 11 years.


                            The same thing happened to me but on my case I did not use the online tool I called their hotline and talked to a representative "Rolex" and asking for my options as my contract has already ended. So they told phone options which was delivered incomplete, defective and left it to an unauthorized person (its another issue on itself). But the CS told me that I should be paying the same thing as the only thing that has changed was the name but same benefits and I even asked when would the new contract start and was told 2/18. GUESS WHAT, I got charged twice.


                            February 2015 Bill (on new contract)




                            Compared to my January 2015 bill (old contract)


                            So what part of it was the same? And I called the hotline to ask for options, why would they give me an option that I will get charged TWICE and not even tell me about it.


                            Of course I called their hotline to dispute but who know how long it will take. I wonder if I can just pay the handset I got (its cheap anyway) and get my line disconnected because I am already fed up of their worse service.


                            And to top of it i saw a post that they rake a BIG PROFIT last year. Talk about how this company only cares about the income with no consideration to their subscribers.