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    Postpaid 101


      What does "credit limit" mean in a postpaid account? Just want to have a better understanding of this term. In http://www.globe.com.ph/help/postpaid/bill-tutorial?jsid=1423513977400 it says that credit limit indicates the limit on usage within a billing period for local and international calls, data and value added services when applicable.


      Does it pertain to the limit on top of the monthly plan? Or is the monthly plan actually included in the credit limit that was set?


      Thank you in advance.

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          According to the TERMS and CONDITIONS which come with every subscription and which the subscriber signs and which I think would be stronger than what is stated on the FAQ:


          3.1. You will be assigned a credit limit which specifies the maximum recurring charges which you may subscribe to.

          The definition stated on the link you provided is very different from the definition from the contract and this is another case where confusion may arise. A review is necessary.


          The definition on the link you provided would even pertain to a contract specified "Spending Limit" which is different from the "Credit Limit"



          4.1. You may opt to set a spending limit which represents your cap which will enable you to manage your usage within a billing cycle. If you exceed your spending limit, we may require payment even before the end of your billing cycle or we may notify you through any of your contact details/numbers. Notwithstanding non-receipt of any notification, you may request, at any time, details about your unbilled charges by calling our Customer Service Hotline (+6327301000); visiting any of our Globe Stores nearest you; or consulting your account manager. Failure on your part to inquire about your unbilled charges for whatever reason does not absolve you from liability in settling your outstanding balance in excess of your spending limit. Further, we may bar, suspend or temporarily disconnect the Service as soon as you exceed your spending limit, or when otherwise warranted by abnormal usage patterns or other circumstances, without need of prior notice and liability on our part. You agree to pay for all usage whether within or in excess of your spending limit in order to continuously avail of the Service.



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              Thanks for the info ChitoReyes. I applied for a line only application (no contract) so maybe it's the reason I don't have a copy of the terms and conditions. I also consulted someone from talk2Globe rep on twitter and here's what I got:


              "@DeyOfGlobe: @iv..... Hello there. I am Dey. Credit limit basically helps you determine if you can still acquire another plan. How can I further help?"


              So I added:

              "@iv......: @DeyOfGlobe I see. I just wanna have a better understanding of that term. So it is not really about the limit you can spend on your account?"


              Here's his response:

              "@DeyOfGlobe: @iv..... Not really. You're referring to your spending limit if that's the case."



              So to conclude this, I think the definition of "credit limit" from the copy of terms and conditions is what it is really intended for.

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                  Goes to show how their FAQs could be misleading.


                  Moving on, even if it is a line only plan, demand for a copy of your Agreement or the Terms and Conditions of your subscription. As a subscriber you are entitled to it.