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    Hi i just want to ask what is UNBILLED CHARGES?


      I just wanna ask what is unbilled chrages.My line is deactivated last Feb. 4, 2015.I already pay my bill last Feb 4 and feb 11. and try to reconnect my line thru free reconnection menu and it says there that after 2 hours your line will be activated but its been 4 days but never happen. The agent told me thru email that I have unbilled charges because of spending my credit limit.How come it happen.I've been to globe 2 yrs ago and start my new line contract again.And now it happen.ggrrr..i dont know what to do.

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          hi aikhenlbc unbilled charges refer to current charges or usage you incurred during the billing cycle which have not been billed yet since it is not yet your cut-off.  Your line may have been temporarily disconnected due to these charges which went beyond your credit limit.  Generally, Globe would call or text you if they want something to be paid in order for you to bring down your running balance below you.


          Neverhtless, you may want to call the hotline via 211 or 7301000 to get the details of your unbilled charges and ask for the real reason why you were temporarily disconnected.